Gardening and Technology - Part 6 - Home Weather Stations

various symbols representing the weather

I have always been fascinated by the weather. But then, living in the British Isles, we Brits and Irish are probably the most weather-obsessed people on the planet... My youngest brother was also pretty into meteorological things and I'm pretty sure he either got, or wanted one of these little electronic weather stations you can put in your house:

I always thought they were a bit expensive, but they don't seem to have gone up in price since way back when, so with inflation factored in, they are now kind of cheap. When compared to devices like the Koubachi wireless plant sensors that I looked at last week, or even the Lapka Personal Environment Monitors that I looked at the week before, these little weather stations seem to offer way better value for money. Even if you bought the more expensive or the professional versions (there are several different models available), I think you'd get a lot more fun and information out of it for a similar price to the Lapka... 

So, all in all, a bit of rosy-eyed reminiscing and a useful product makes me give these ones the thumbs up.